Posted by: Caitlynn | August 26, 2010

Questions I ask myself while writing…

Do you ever find yourself asking questions about your WiP as you write through it? And by questions, I mean questions that may indicate that something is seriously wrong with how things are progressing.

I’m 67 pages (just over 17,500 words) into my current noveling venture, and a few of these pesky questions keep popping up. My favorites, so far, have been:

Wasn’t this supposed to be steampunk?

Wait, did my protagonist just faint two chapters in a row?

Does…does my nineteen-year-old protagonist seem to have better chemistry with the thirty-eight-year-old doctor than she does with her twenty-one-year-old love interest? >_<

These sorts of questions are already on top of things I know and expected to have to go back in and fix. Large chunks of missing plot, setting details, a few last names that I skipped assigning, better physical character descriptions, setting details, setting details, and, oh yeah, setting details. And some of these additional questions that pop up may very well end up getting fixed as I patch up some of the other stuff. The steampunk elements, for example, might be more evident once those pesky setting details are all in place. Filling in the missing chunks of plot will make it to where my protagonist isn’t fainting two chapters in a row. Other things, however, such as the lack of appeal her love interest has or the lack of attention he’s receiving in recent chapters will need a little more work.

But even in spite of all this, I’m honestly enjoying writing this novel. It’s nice, because I haven’t felt this way for a little while. The story I tried writing before this was a bit more “literary” and purposeful, and failed miserably as a result. This story is just fun. The main character is stronger than most of my other female protagonists are, in spite of the fact that she has more of an excuse to be weak. She’s almost a bit of a “tsundere” (sigh…anime terms keep sneaking their way into my vocabulary) but she’ll need a little more work before she seems consistently inconsistent rather than bipolar. The other characters…have potential, but haven’t quite established their voices yet. But when they do, I’m sure it will be awesome.

So for now, I’ll just continue writing and see how things develop. And if more fun questions pop up, maybe I’ll even post them. 😉


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