Posted by: Caitlynn | August 17, 2010

New WiP?

Knock on wood, but I think I have a new WiP to focus on.

It’ll be a steampunk story, novel length (most likely). Well, I say steampunk, but we’ll see how that goes. Right now, it looks like the first half is really heavy on the steampunk elements, while the second half reverts back to my magic-curses-creatures fantasy roots. But whether it turns out to be die-hard steampunk or not, I’m actually excited about it. I wrote out a pretty detailed outline last night, and if I can write it out even half as well as I can imagine it, things are gonna get EPIC near the end. 😛

Today, I start writing Chapter One. But not for another few hours. I have some writing to catch up on for Demand Studios that, thanks to the virus that infested my computer this morning, I didn’t get the chance to do earlier. After I can get at least a minimal amount done, though, I’ll start my noveling venture.

I can hardly wait. 😀


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