Posted by: Caitlynn | March 29, 2010

New Writing Dilemma

I have no time to write anything fun or story-ish. It’s my senior year of college. Aside from multiple papers that need researching and writing, I should also be attempting to find a job. It’s probably important that I actually do something with my life.

And yet…

Why does inspiration keep hitting me? Is it Spring? Is it the pollen? What keeps messing with my mind to fill it with all sorts of imaginative yet potentially time-consuming plots and characters?

So now I must decide. Do I devote time to write these out, even though it seems slightly irresponsible? The inspiration is with me NOW. And so, I want to make use of it NOW.

And if I do decide to write, should I continue along with the story that I began a month or so ago? Or should I just write whatever I’m content with writing at the given moment?

Oh, decisions…



  1. I’m going to guess from your gap in blog posts that you opted for the school route? 🙂

    Inspiration can knock us upside the head at the most inopportune of times. Like looking for love – only when you aren’t looking does it appear.

    Indulge! I always say grab it by the horns while you can. As I’m learning, there is always time if you make it.

    • Haha…yep, school sort of took over. And then senioritis. Now I’m just struggling to do anything with my life. 😛

      You’re right, though. If I set aside the time, I’d be able to manage it. I’ve been able to do NaNoWriMo the past two years, after all…

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