Posted by: Caitlynn | February 3, 2010

…And everybody dies at the end.

Maybe I ought to kill off more characters.

I’ve been thinking about it a bit. With both of my fantasy WiP’s, I started out with the intention of killing at least one major character. Because, at the time, I thought the most affective endings would require those deaths. Oddly enough, by the end of my rough drafts for both, the characters fated to die somehow miraculously survived. Imagine that.

I think I must be a wimp. It’s not that the endings I’ve come up with are any better than those I had originally planned. If anything, in the case of WoSWoL, the current ending is probably significantly weaker than the original one. Of course, now that the character who was supposed to die weaseled his way into VoP, I suppose it’s too late to turn back now. I’ll just have to press forward and see what I can do with it now.

But speaking of VoP, I can’t help but wonder: how in the world did I end up figuring out a way to save all those characters? The one character has lived long enough; by all rights, she should’ve died a long time ago. Yet, somehow, there she is at the end of the book — alive. Comatose, admittedly, but that’s only a temporary thing. And, if I were to be even the least bit realistic (yes, it is a fantasy story, but the people still need to be realistic characters and the plot twists need to be believable) then I’d be forced to conclude that the one girl should probably also die. Because the good ones always do, and she has a close encounter with death anyway, so…

I don’t know, though. Let’s say I can figure out how to make the endings of these two stories meaningful without killing anyone off. Then what? If I keep writing, there’s a good chance that I will eventually have to kill a character off and — y’know — actually keep them dead. I have such trouble doing that, though.

Hmm. And does thinking about all this make me sound emo? lol 😛 If it does, I’m sorry. I blame my lit classes this semester. Nothing quite like trying to cheer yourself up after reading Conrad’s Heart of Darkness by reading Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. 😛

Oh well. No matter what I decide on, I really feel like working on revising one of my WiP now. Or both. Too bad I have far too much in the way of schoolwork to do before I can even consider it…*sigh* Well then. Back to it!



  1. I like happy endings. 😛

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