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Genre #6 — Action/Adventure

Before I realized it, my “action/adventure” story quickly turned into a spoof of an action/adventure story. Still lots of fun to write, though. 😉 But, please, don’t take it too seriously. 😛

(For more information on my Genre Self-Challenge, read previous entry here.)


“Alfonso Goodfate and the Emerald of Supreme Might”


“I swear by my fathers and their fathers before them,” Alfonso Goodfate cried, “I shall get the Emerald of Supreme Might back from you yet. You’ll never get away with this, Count Lune!”

“Oh, but I believe I already have,” the villain replied, smugly fiddling with his mustache. “I believe I already have. You may have somehow survived my pit of venomous serpents with that wretched snake-charming technique you picked up in India, as well as the poison darts with the immunity you managed to build up to various poisons while traveling in Africa, but there is absolutely no way you can survive the hundred foot fall into the river below. There are too many jagged rocks for even you to avoid, Goodfate.” At that, he burst into a hearty laugh.

“Uh…s-sir…” a timid man at Lune’s left began.

“What is it!?” the villain barked. “Can’t you see I’m enjoying an evil laugh?”

“Well it’s just…uh…” the henchman stuttered.

Lune was rapidly becoming irate. “Out with it, man!”

“Mr. Goodfate has already begun climbing up the bridge we cut, sir. In fact, he’s almost reached the other side already.”

“What?!” The count spun around to face his other dozen men. “Well, what are you waiting for? You have bows and arrows, don’t you? Shoot him!”

The others quickly moved to the edge of the cliff, readying their bows.

“Haha!” Alfonso laughed, pausing his climb to turn and face his foe on the opposite side of the expanse. “Do you honestly think a single one of your lackeys could ever hit me?”

“We shall see,” Lune muttered. “Fire, men!”

One by one the henchmen shot off their arrows. The first few were no where near Alfonso, so he took the opportunity to climb up the rope of the severed bridge a few more feet. But after a few smacks and threats from the count, his men suddenly and dramatically improved their aim.

“I guess I have no choice,” Alfonso said, drawing his sword with one hand while hanging onto the rope bridge with the other.

The first arrow drew near him. SHWACK it went as he hit it away with his sword. Then the second—SHWACK again. Then the third, the fourth, the fifth, and so on. He successfully deflected each arrow, though each made him slide further down the rope as he swung around and struggled to keep his grip, bringing him nearer and nearer to the bottom.

“It’s no use!” Count Lune laughed. “This time, you shall surely meet your doom, Goodfate.”

No sooner had he said that, that two arrows came at Alfonso simultaneously, making it impossible to block both. The brave young hero struck one down, bracing himself for the impact of the other—an impact that never came. He turned just in time to see the other arrow deflected by a different, foreign arrow with violet and pink stripes. Glancing up, he saw the figure of someone standing above him on his side of the cliff. The stranger wore a hooded cloak that bore the same colors.

“Climb!” the newcomer said in a rather high voice. “I’ll cover you as you do.”

“Hmm,” Alfonso thought. “That’s a rather odd voice for a man to have. No matter!” Alfonso resumed his earlier climbing, rapidly making progress towards the safety of the land above.

“Don’t let this odd fellow distract you,” shouted the count. “Your objective is still to kill Goodfate. Keep shooting!”

His men did as they were told, but this time, instead of having their arrows deflected by the shining steel of Alfonso’s sword, they were put to waste by the violet and pink arrows. The cloaked stranger made quick work of the enemy’s attack, and the young hero was almost within reach of the cliffside.

“Curses!” Lune shouted. “Well…no matter! Even if you survive this, Goodfate, you’ll never take back the Emerald of Supreme Might!” He held up a brown sack tightly sealed shut with rope. Inside rested the very powerful and very dangerous stone.

From underneath the newcomer’s hood, a smirk could just be discerned. “Perfect,” said the high voice. At that, the figure grabbed a special arrow from the quiver, one with a rope attached. It was shot with perfect aim, rapidly flying over to the other side and hitting the sack with the emerald in it. Before Count Lune realized what was happening, the stranger began reeling back the arrow with the sack attached, safely getting it back from the villain.

“Double curses!” Lune shouted. “Who are you, mysterious stranger? Some ally of Goodfate’s? What sort of man are you to be able to accomplish all this?”

“I am no man,” the stranger spoke, removing the hood to reveal the face of a woman with shimmering blonde hair.

“Princess Starlight!” Alfonso cried out in shock. “How…why…what are you doing here? The king would die of worry if he knew you were in such danger!”

“Which is precisely why he doesn’t know,” she retorted. “Besides,” her face suddenly became sullen, “how could I stay cooped up in the castle, knowing that my beloved was out risking his life for some silly trinket?”

“It’s the Emerald of Supreme Might!” both Count Lune and Alfonso shouted at once.

“Whatever.” Starlight rolled her eyes. “Either way, I couldn’t leave you alone. I would’ve been the one to die of worry…”

“My dearest,” Alfonso replied softly, just as he placed one arm by the princess’s feet on the safe land at the top of the cliff, “I am grateful for your concern. Truly, it is both an honor and a pleasure to see you, my love.”

“Oh, Alfonso!” she cried, dashing into his arms.

“Er…wait…” he tried to warn, but it was too late. In her excitement, both she and Alfonso lost their balance. She slipped off the edge, and he had no choice but to grab her with the hand not still on the rope of the severed bridge. The two slid down a grave distance, stopping just before the end.

“Starlight!” our hero shouted in concern. “Thank goodness! Are you all right?”

“Yes, I believe so,” she said, a little shaken. “Only…oh no! I have the emerald, but my bow and arrows are still at the top.”

“Wait…that means…” the gears in the count’s head turned. “They’re defenseless now, men! Shoot! Shoot!”

The henchman to Lune’s left tried to interrupt. “Sir, if you do that, then…”

“Just shut up and shoot!” he shouted. And so, they did.

“Now what?” Starlight whimpered, desperately clinging to Alfonso’s hand as arrows whizzed by unsuccessfully. “How will we ever escape?”

“Hmm,” he replied, looking around. “We only have one chance. Starlight, my dearest, my love, do you trust me?”

“With my life,” she replied with utmost sincerity.

“Good,” he nodded. “Because it is our very lives that are at risk now. Hold on tightly to me. I’ll be letting go of the rope.”

“Letting go?!” she shrieked. “But how will we ever survive? There are far too many rocks in the river below us. If we plummet from here, we are far more likely to be impaled than to reach the water.”

“Perhaps,” he said cautiously, “but you’re forgetting one thing.”

“And…what’s that?” she questioned quizzically.

“I am Alfonso Goodfate,” he answered. She nodded, and at once, he let go of the rope. The two descended quickly to the depths below—SPLASH—landing successfully in the water. Minutes later, they were safely making their way downstream, the Emerald of Supreme Might securely in their grasp.

“Triple curses!” Count Lune shouted. “Foiled again!”



  1. Very fun story, Caitlynn. I love the names, too!

    • Hehe…thanks! 🙂

  2. ROFL!!!! oh boy…I take it back, THIS one is my most favorite yet. Heehee…I’m still laughing here, I had to explain what was so funny to my younger bro, he thought it was hilarious too. Love the names, especially “Goodfate” this must have been a blast to write! (any part 2, perhaps? Please?) ^_^

    • Oh yes, it was definitely a blast! I’m glad you liked it…and who knows, maybe there will be a part two at some point… 😉

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! Part two! ^_^ I vote in favor! (and will bribe with chocolate…LOL) This story could be a comic strip, I could see it VERY vividly playing out in my head!

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