Posted by: Caitlynn | December 28, 2009


Great news! After a long, loooooong month of procrastination and lack of motivation, I FINALLY managed to complete my rough draft of Voices of Penance. Yippee! Go me! 😀

It’s horrible, of course, and the end of it is the worst. But I figured that a lousy ending was better than none, right? Besides, I’ve been so fixated on what I need to do to revise it that I’m a little shocked about even managing to reach the end at all. It’s a little shorter than I had hoped, as a result, but…meh. Oh well. It’s still done, and it’s still the longest piece I’ve yet to write. (After I make my revisions, I imagine it’ll be much longer, as well.)

My biggest disappointment is merely that this book decided it wanted to exist in a series rather than as a stand-alone work. Not only that, but it decided to drag down my first novel — Wings of Shadow, Wings of Light — with it. Poor WoSWoL! There it was, minding it’s own business, when…POOF…it suddenly was made into the first book of a (three book?) series. I’m blaming Daegan, the only recurring character from both stories. It’s his fault that this got so elaborate and out of hand. Oh sure, he saved this book when I needed something to bring it to life, but at what cost? Now I have to somehow figure out the plot of a third book so that I can wrap things up for him and my other characters. And I have no clue where to even start. Bah. 😛

Before I worry about that, though, I think I’ll have to go back to WoSWoL and complete another draft of it. There were things I already knew needed to be fixed in it, and now, with its connection to this other book and some of the things I’ve learned about my characters and the land in which they live as a result, I have even more things that I need to edit or add as a result.

So it seems that the term “done” is relative, at best. I’m done with my first draft of VoP, but there’s still a great deal more for me to get working on…



  1. YAY!!

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