Posted by: Caitlynn | December 8, 2009

Writing-Related Goals

With NaNoWriMo now over, I figure I need some cool new writing-related goals to obsess over.

First of all, I should probably finish my draft of my NaNoWriMo novel. While I made it to the 50K mark, I still have another 15K or so to go until I reach the end of the first draft.

Then, I should also go back through my first novel for another round of massive revisions. And this time, they shall be even more massive than before. The basic plot is — thankfully — decent enough, but I need a lot of work with the setting, and a bit more character development never hurt.

Those are my two “responsible” goals. Y’know. The ones that seem to follow a logical order.

I have two other writing goals, however. The first is to write a novella. Which, really, after writing another 50K of a novel in a month, a novella doesn’t seem like it should be too awful. The only problem is, with the story I have in mind, it’ll probably take more effort to piece together than this past novel did. Otherwise, things might get too confusing too fast, and I fear I’d run the risk of losing even myself in the process. 😛

The final goal to mention is simply that I want to experiment with short stories more. Well, more specifically, I want to experiment with different genres via the medium of the short story. I’ve written fantasy, a little bit of horror,  a little bit of romance…and while there are certainly genres that seem easier for me than others, I want to push myself a bit and challenge myself to write in genres that I don’t usually touch. Y’know, get those creative juices pumping at full force. Or dry them out completely. Either way…lol

So now all that’s left to do is figure out when to do all these things. If I were more focused, I probably could’ve been nearly done with the first item on my list and partially into the second. Hmm. Maybe I ought to give myself deadlines or something…hehe.


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