Posted by: Caitlynn | November 22, 2009

This is why I shouldn’t stay awake past midnight.

Me:Β  What are you doing here, Daegan?

Daegan: Well…I just thought your NaNoWriMo novel could use some improvement, that’s all.

Me: Fine. But do you really have to steal the show like this?

Daegan: You know, you are the writer here, not me…

Me: Yeah, but I never intended for you to be in this book. I mean, I still haven’t decided if you survive WoSWoL yet. What am I gonna do if I decide to kill you off in your original book?

Daegan: *shrugs* Then don’t kill me off. I’m fine with that. I rather like being alive.

Me: Get out of my book.

Daegan: But I’m improving it.

Me: Get out! You don’t belong in this one.

Daegan: Oh, come now…it’s basically a sequel to the first one, anyway.

Me: Not really. At best, it’s loosely connected.

Daegan: Well, now the connection is a little tighter, that’s all.

Me: …Come on, now. You’ve had your fun. Leave.

Daegan: You need me.

Me: N-no…no I don’t…

Daegan: You know you do. *puts on his most charming smile* Your word count would still be stuck in the 30K range without me.

Me: I would’ve figured something out…

Daegan: Perhaps. But how long would you have taken to do so?

Me: I…I…

Daegan: You know you love me. Admit it. I’m just too magnificent a character to not love.

Me: Don’t get full of yourself.

Daegan: Am I wrong? If I am, then why did you try so hard to save me in your last book? Why did you write me into this one? It was your decision, after all, not mine.

Me: I…grr! Fine. It seems that…perhaps…I do have a slight attachment to your character.

Daegan: *grins* So I can stay in your WriMo book, right?

Me: For now. At least in this draft, anyway. But only if you promise to behave yourself and let the other characters have their story.

Daegan: Can I have a love interest in this story, too? You know, Sarah is relatively attractive…

Me: Whoa whoa whoa, hey, no, don’t push your luck, buddy. Sarah belongs with Kip. You go after her, and so help me, I swear I’ll revise WoSWoL right now so that you do die after all.

Daegan: Haha…okay, okay, fair enough. I’ll settle for this then.

Me: Good. Now, go back into my head where you belong for now. I need sleep. πŸ˜›



  1. So you put him in your book? Awesome πŸ™‚ These things happen for a reason…

    Just like I started writing in first person for some odd reason in mine. It may not stay but it’s helping me continue onward.

    • Yep. I played with the idea a bit before, but decided against it as I entered into the novel. However, a few days ago, I got stuck and decided to throw him in there just for the fun of it. Only, he’s better developed than all my other characters at this point, and he’s been using this to steal the show whenever he can. πŸ˜›

      But you’re right. I’m sure these things happen for a reason. And, if I play this out right, I *may* even be able to save Penance at the end of the book as a direct result of bringing Daegan into it. But, we’ll see.

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