Posted by: Caitlynn | November 3, 2009

Can’t Talk. Noveling.

Those are the words I shall be saying quite often this month. That’s right, folks:  National Novel Writing Month has finally arrived.

It’s the morning of the third day, and I’m already 8,391 words into my novel, Voices of Penance. (Sad thing is that I know people who have several thousand words more already!) It’s awful, of course — the characters are poorly developed thus far, the pacing of the plot is horrendously off, and there are already several large, gaping holes in the overall storyline. But! I’ve been a good little NaNo’er and have been completely disregarding all of this.

It amazes me how much it helps to have family/friends participating, though. My sister is taking part, of course. I have a few friends here at college doing it this year, too…and I’ve sort of stumbled into (so far) friendly competition with at least one of them. 😛

It also amazes me how much spare time I can actually find in a day…I mean, 8K…on top of homework, work, and other responsibilities that people like to give me. Granted, it’s only the third day, and I may very well end up feeling overwhelmed at some point this month. But so far, I’ve been keeping up pretty well.

At any rate, I ought to end this and get going…I have some stuff that I want to get done, and since I can’t work on my novel any more today until I finish this list…I must finish it as quickly as possible.



  1. Seriously?! How can you have so much already?!

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