Posted by: Caitlynn | August 20, 2009

Because being productive is overrated…

No.  I still haven’t decided which idea to go with for NaNo.  Nor have I done any brag-worthy amounts of world-building for WoSWoL.  In fact, there are many other things, writing-related and non-writing-related, that I should be doing, but have yet to do and/or begin doing.  So, what exactly have I been doing, you ask?


Meh, so I decided that I wanted to sketch out the female protagonists for my different story ideas (only the girls so far since, whenever I sketch out guys, they always end up looking almost exactly identical to one another).  They’re nothing grand, mind you, and some of the character designs need work still, but it’s good enough for now to get a vague picture in my head (and procrastinate for a bit).

So without further ado, allow me to introduce:

Penance, from Voices of Penance


Sola, from Lonely Miracle


Estel, from Teardrop Knight


Ruby, from Journey to the Gray Lands (accompanied by Soto, who is a fox, in spite of the fact that he doesn’t look much like one…)


And, just for added fun and procrastination…

Lorna, also from Journey to the Gray Lands


And, Maria Clairmont, from my last Excerpt Monday post (and the MC of a few other short stories…)

Well now…that was lovely.  Anywho, as I mentioned before, these really aren’t set character sketches…with each one, there’s at least one thing that isn’t “quite right” or that I’m not entirely satisfied with.  But still.  It was fun to work on these, at the very least.

I will say, at least, that I may be close to narrowing it down to two…Voices of Penance being one of them, mainly because most people I talk to seem really drawn to that idea, and partially because it has the most direct connection to WoSWoL.  The other being Journey to the Gray Lands, even in spite of the fact that nobody I’ve asked has picked that one out, because its characters are being the most talkative with me right now.  I still like Lonely Miracle and Teardrop Knight, though, so I’m not 100% ready to completely take them off the list, but…unless they do something soon to really draw attention to themselves, they’ll probably drop off in the near future.

At any rate, I really ought to go and do something more productive now.  Or, sleep.  Sleeping is productive, right?



  1. those are great sketches! =]

    I must admit the other story that caught my attention was “Voices of Penance”. Perhaps that is the one you’re supposed to go along with. Who knows.

    I have more of an idea for my story idea. I just have to get motivated, which isn’t happening with my tiredness. =[

    When do you go back to school?

    • Wow…really? Hmm. Maybe I ought to go with it…

      And yes, motivation is hard when you’re tired. Then again, sometimes it’s also hard when you’re *not* tired…at least for me. 😛

      And I go back to school August 29…so I still have one more week of freedom.

  2. I love your sketches! 🙂 I just get mad when I try drawing.

    I think I really like how you drew Sola. I really like her outfit and that loooong hair of hers! She kind of looks like a cartoon version of you, only with very long hair!

    • I know, I like how Sola looks too. My only qualm with her sketch is that I’m not entirely sure if it fits her setting appropriately…but, eh, it might. I’d have to think through that a bit more, whenever I get serious about LM.

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