Posted by: Caitlynn | August 17, 2009


I’m still having difficulties deciding on a project for this upcoming NaNoWriMo. I originally had five ideas that I was torn between…then that exploded into ten ideas…and now it’s back down to four. This is when being such an indecisive person is a really, really bad thing.

I’ve already asked my sister and mother for their opinions. I’ve also made mock book trailers for myself, to get a feel for which story I could get the most excited about.

…All to no avail.

I am desperate. So, in my desperation, I shall now post the brief summaries I shared with my family, in the hopes that someone might come across this blog post and offer me their opinion.


Journey to the Gray Lands
Genres: Epic Fantasy (with a secondary Romantic Fantasy twist)
{see Bridge to the Gray Lands for a sneak peek)
A young woman befriends a mysterious girl from a strange village within the Gray Lands. But when her friend’s village is destroyed, she sets out on an adventure to determine what happened, if her friend is still alive, and why so many people seem wary of traveling to the Gray Lands…

Teardrop Knight
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Estel always knew she was different, but when a mysterious woman told her that she was half-elf, she could hardly believe what she was hearing. Even more difficult was finding out it was true. Now Estel must bridge the gap between two separate worlds — the human world and that of the elves. But there are dark evils lying in wait just beyond the walls of this new world, and only Estel has the power to stop them. With so much to learn, though, will she be able to manage? Even with the help of some new friends, will she be able to master the Sword of the Teardrop Knight?

Voices of Penance
Genre: Epic Fantasy
A mysterious girl rises from out of the lake, dazed and mute. There are only two people who notice her arrival, and it is up to them to protect her and keep her safely hidden from those who might harm her. This is no easy task, yet the two can’t help but feel drawn to discover her purpose here. When they discover an ancient legend of tragedy and betrayal, they wonder how the girl — dubbed “Penance” due to the strange brand she bears on her right arm — plays into it all…and are awed by how they, too, might play into things as well.

Lonely Miracle
Genres: Romantic Fantasy / Epic Fantasy
A young man cursed to become weak whenever he physically touches someone…A young lady cursed to stay emotionally distant, or else, face dire consequences for herself and those she loves…When these two star-crossed travelers meet, neither holds much hope for rescue. But in the end, could they be exactly what each other need?



  1. I would be more interested in reading Voices of Penance and Lonely Miracle. Good luck!

    • Thanks! 🙂

  2. The more I read over these, the more I’d really like to see Voices of Penance. Something about the mystical girl rising from the lake really catches my attention.

    But I’d be interested in whichever one you choose!

    • Hmm…

      It seems that most people I ask are interested in VoP, so apparently you’re not the only one whose attention is caught by that. 😛

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