Posted by: Caitlynn | July 29, 2009

Decisions, decisions

After much deliberation, I have decided upon the names for the two folks in my background legend. (See previous post.) The winners are:

Meris, “Of the Sea,” Latin, male
Celestyn, “Heavenly,” Polish, female

The guy’s name was fairly easy to decide on; when I actually thought about it, Meris was the only name I really liked out of the ones I found. The girl’s name…well…I like it, and I think I like it slightly better than the rest, but…it was a little harder for me to narrow it down. Overall, however, I think I’m content with both names. For now, anyway.

I’ve also decided on names for the continents in my little fantasy world. Took me long enough, too. For a while, I was just calling them “Northern Continent,” “Eastern Continent,” etc., but I finally decided to give them actual names, instead. They are as follows:

Northern Continent / Zima
Eastern Continent / Wiosna
Southern Continent / Lato
Western Continent / Jesienią

There’s a bit of a theme connecting the names, so bonus points and a gold star if you’re able to figure out what they correspond to. 😉

I’ve also been working on some other world-building fun, such as histories and legends, creatures and animals, plant life, and — my absolute least favorite — geography. It’s a slow process, but it’s starting to come together.



  1. Well yay!

    Are those Polish names for the continents? How is the last one prounounced :P?

    And I want to see the Riona pic. NOW. LOL.

    • Yes, those are Polish names for the continents, but there’s yet another connection between them. Because you didn’t specify that — and because you caught me in the fact that I don’t know how to pronounce the last one…lol — NO GOLD STAR FOR YOU! Mwahaha!

      I need to find a Polish person who can tell me how to pronounce things…or a pronunciation guide…either way…

      And I’ll probably post the picture here soon with a link to the artist’s DeviantArt page. I’m rather impressed with it. I just wish I had more visitors to my blog so that I could show it off more… 😛

  2. I love brainteasers, but I haven’t figured out the relationship yet! Darn….now I’ll be wondering all day.

    • Hehe…I hope I haven’t driven you too crazy. 😉 I’ve actually decided to change the continent names (so much for final decisions…lol) but there’s the same basic relationship between them; only the language has changed. The names are now: Talvi, Kevät, Kesä, and Syksy…at least, they are until I decide to change them again. 😛

      …The connection, by the way, is that they’re all names of the seasons:
      winter, spring, summer, and autumn, respectively. The first names were the Polish terms; the current ones are Finnish.

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