Posted by: Caitlynn | July 22, 2009

To revise, or not to revise, that is the question…

Alrighty, so I definitely know that I need another revision of my novel; there’s no question about that. What I am wondering about, however, is whether I should jump straight into it or hold off a little while longer.

The benefit of jumping back into it now is that the characters are all still fresh in my mind, and I’m still fairly excited about pushing forward with it. Plus, the sooner I start revising, the sooner (in theory) I’ll be able to finish.

The primary downfall, however, is that I still have a significant amount of world-building to do, and rushing into another revision before I have all that done might mean that it doesn’t get done right. An additional downfall is that I’ll probably slack off on my other writing projects (mainly short stories) that I’ve been meaning to write and/or finish for some time now.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps I’ll work a little on my world-building for the time being until I figure this out…  😛



  1. I say work on the world building 😛 But that’s me. Plus you may be able to recharge and look at the story with a fresh outlook if you’ve just focused on the worldbuilding aspect rather than jumping into the next revision.

    • Yeah…that’s true. Moreover, if I tell myself that I can’t revise again until a certain amount of worldbuilding is done, that might help motivate me to actually get it done. 😛

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