Posted by: Caitlynn | July 18, 2009

One Step Closer

I’ve finally finished a full second draft of my novel. šŸ˜€

Somehow, though, it managed to be even fewer words than the first draft. Hmm. Not entirely sure how that happened. But hey, after a little more world-building, and after I flesh out a few more details — maybe elaborate more on the characters and atmosphere of Riona’s village, or on Aidan’s and Daegan’s travels — the book should grow a little in word count. At least back up to what it used to be. šŸ˜›

So yes. Even in spite of it’s flaws — major and minor — I’m fairly content with this second draft. It’s an improvement on the first, at the very least. Just think, after a half a dozen of these or so, I may feel comfortable enough with it to start the whole searching-for-an-agent process…

…Ā  >_<

Ugh…well…maybe it wouldn’t hurt to take a short break before embarking on the next revision…



  1. AHH!! SO exciting!!!!!

    Word count wise, how are you doing? Cutting words isn’t bad, especially if you’re over 100 K. Most agents don’t want to consider a debut author when it’s over that; I think the general standard is between 75-100 K (max). Which means I’m gonna have a heck of a lot to cut in my other novel, considering it’s at least 110 and I still have another 30 or so to go šŸ˜›

    Have you decided what genre it “officially” falls in? Straight fantasy, YA fantasy, fantasy/romance….

    šŸ˜› LOL, I know too much about this stuff…perhaps I should apply myself towards writing.

  2. Hahahaha…over 100K…you make me laugh. šŸ˜›

    It needs to reach 75K, hmm? Let’s see, that only leaves another 40K to go…gee…I’m gonna have to do a lot of excess, random world-building I suppose.

    Right now, it’s still novella-sized: just at 35K (it was only 37K before — remember, this one was for my Creative Writing class, where the goal was only 35K). I was thinking that with all the stuff that needs to be added, I could probably get it to about 50K. But…I don’t know now. Is that gonna be enough?

    And no, I haven’t decided genre-wise. I’d love to call it straight fantasy, but I highly doubt that’s what it’d be. My guess is that it’s most likely YA Fantasy, but…eh. I’m still not sure.

  3. I think 50K is better, but 60K is probably even a better bet. I’m seeing 60-100K being the “accepted” window. I think the sweet spot for a YA fantasy is somewhere between 60 and 80 K.

    So that means doubling word count šŸ˜› Can you push it to 60K? Maybe add another character or side story…

    But I don’t want to force that. I mean if the story is only 50 K, it’s only 50 K. Nothing saying you can’t get it published at that length. So what if it’s a shorter novel–you may find that it may be what an agent or publisher is looking for. But at least try to get it to 50k as that seems to be the accepted length of a novel.

    Gosh I wish I had your problem though. I find it harder to cut words and fit it in a shorter amount than to add. But I tend to be a little bit “purple” in my prose šŸ˜›

  4. Ok, I did ANOTHER check and anywhere from 50K-80K is good for a YA fantasy.

    • Okay…50K, I think I can do. As it stands, my novel is little more than the bones — once I add a little more meat to it, I shouldn’t see a problem, I suspect. If I spend more time drawing out the mystery behind the curse and the prophecy, as well as a significant amount of world building (which my novel really needs, anyway, since right now all I have is that the brothers ‘travel’ but don’t explain anything about the other places they’ve been to), then I can probably add at least another 15K.

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