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Excerpt Monday — WoSWoL

After a suggestion from my sister, Dara, I decided to try Excerpt Monday this month. Here’s a chunk from the novel I’m working on, Wings of Shadow, Wings of Light, out of Chapter Two. I considered posting something from the first chapter, but I think this excerpt better exemplifies the flavor of the story as a whole.



Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of tossing and turning, Riona could feel her muscles start to relax. Rest might be possible after all. But just as her consciousness began drifting to the realm of sleep, she heard a loud THUD come from the wall adjoining the main room. Without thinking, she darted out of bed and moved towards her bedroom door. She was still wearing her clothes from the day—she had been too paranoid to change out of them and into something more appropriate for sleep—but this made her more confident to walk out and check on her two guests.

But before she was about to burst through the door, she caught herself. “What if I wake them up? That noise might’ve just been in my imagination…It was so loud, though. I’m sure something must be going on.” Slowly, she turned the door handle and cracked the door open, just wide enough for her to peek out. The two brothers were not asleep; in fact, they were very much awake and very close to the door. She could hardly see in the darkness, but it appeared as though Daegan had Aidan pinned against the wall. Riona listened intently to their hushed voices, frozen in place.

She picked up Daegan’s voice first. “Come now, it isn’t very polite to eavesdrop on others, is it?” Riona inhaled sharply, thinking her presence had been discovered. But before she could act, he added, “Especially not our sleeping hostess.”

“I was doing nothing wrong…” Aidan coughed “…but I was sure I heard her voice a few moments ago. And when I didn’t see you…”

“Oh-ho, so I’m the one at fault, then? I grow so very weary of your innocent act…”

My innocent act? You’re one to talk…”

“Quiet. I want to make something very clear to you: we both know who Riona really is. There’s no point in you denying it. And if you expect me to leave her to you, then you are sadly mistaken, Aidan.”

“And if you expect me to do likewise, then you are just as mistaken.” Aidan broke free and began to walk away. “Though if I had things my way, we would live our lives separate from this forsaken curse.” Riona could see his figure walk toward the washroom, then heard the door open and shut. After a few more moments, she saw Daegan move towards the bakery door and do the same.

She cautiously entered the main room. “What was all that about? Who I really am? A curse? What’s going on…?” she wondered. Gathering her courage, she lit a candle and stepped into the bakery. “D-Daegan? Are you in here?”

He turned in mild surprise towards her. “Oh, Riona…” She could not see him clearly, but she could tell by his voice that he was frowning. “I hope you’ll forgive me for wandering around, but I needed some space from my brother. He’s being…rather disagreeable, at the moment.”

“It’s fine,” she whispered. Now that she had followed him in here, she realized that she didn’t know quite what she had planned to ask or say. She didn’t even know if she wanted to let on that she heard what they argued about. Meekly, she commented, “I must admit, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to have a sibling. But from what I’ve heard, it’s perfectly natural to fight with them.” She paused. “Though…I suppose you would know that better than I would…”

After a moment’s hesitation, Daegan chuckled. “Yes…natural…”

Riona closed her eyes tight. “What am I saying?” she thought. But before she had time to answer herself, she heard Daegan’s footsteps walking across the kitchen towards her. She opened her eyes again and saw his face clearly illuminated by the candlelight. He was close. Very. Close.

“You’re such a pure-hearted girl, Riona.” The smile on his face was the same she had seen throughout the day, but his tone was somehow…different. An altogether foreign sound, though the voice that made it was the same. “I will forever be grateful to have met you.” His gold eyes shone in the candlelight. He brought his face closer to hers; she looked down, the pressure of the eyes too much. Placing one hand on the back of her head, Daegan pulled her closer. Then, gently, he kissed her forehead, and Riona could feel her face redden.

Then, as slowly as it had happened, he released her and walked back towards his original position in the bakery. “I am sorry if my brother and I woke you; we shall both be returning to bed soon, so please, go back to your room and get some rest.” At that, Riona headed out in the main room, back towards her bedroom.

She did not make it very far, though.

“What were you doing in there.” Aidan’s remark came more as a statement than a question. She turned to face him. He had already lit a candle, and she could see his steady silver eyes clearly.

“I was just speaking with Daegan…I heard you both earlier, and I thought…” She paused, realizing that she still didn’t know what she thought. “At any rate, he said not to worry, so I was just heading back to my room.”

A look of panic washed over Aidan’s features for a moment. “You should never speak to him alone,” he muttered. “Never speak to either of us alone. Is that understood?”

“‘Understood’? How can I understand?” she wondered silently. She remained silent and looked down. Much like her encounter with Daegan, she soon heard his approaching footsteps; however, these were not gentle and calm, but quick and passionate, a side that Aidan had not yet demonstrated to her. She looked up as he towered over her, causing her to back into a wall in fear.

Do you understand?” he repeated firmly.

Frightened as she was, Riona could not bring herself to look away. Something about the panic on his face troubled her. Fighting against the lump in her throat, she asked, “…W-what’s wrong?”

Aidan’s eyes widened upon hearing the question, and he regained his composure, backing off slowly. “Forgive me; it’s nothing. Go back to bed.” He began to walk away from her. “Just…promise me you’ll be careful…”

Riona gulped. She still wasn’t sure what had just happened, but she managed to mutter, “I promise…” before heading back towards her bedroom and crawling into bed, where she continued her previous pattern of tossing and turning.


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