Posted by: Caitlynn | July 9, 2009

Dear 2AM, We’ve Got to Stop Meeting Like This

Seems the only way I can get any writing done nowadays is to start just before bedtime and continue on until nearly two in the morning.

Got another chapter done. It’s a real cliff-hanger (haha! oh wait…I’m probably the only one who understands the irony of that statement…) and I’m really regretting that I have to stop here. But it’s late, and if I keep going now, I’ll set a new record for how late I’ve stayed up working on my novel. Which, as vaguely appealing as that may sound to me at the moment, it’s probably not the best decision to make.

So, I’ll stop here for the night. I’m sure the characters in my book hate me right now.  😛



  1. So what if it’s 2 AM? Take advantage of it while it lasts!

    BTW, you and I are similar in the late-night writing thing. I tend to start working on things late in the day and then end up staying up til 12:30 or 1.

  2. Maybe it’s hereditary. 😛

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