Posted by: Caitlynn | February 1, 2009

The Death of Poetry?

Poetry, they say,
is dead. Oh look, what is this?
It is a poem.

…Mind you, I’m rarely in a serious mood when I write poetry. This was not an exception.

At any rate, I wrote the above haiku last semester as the result of an excruciatingly drawn-out discussion that some of my fellow English majors were having about the current state of poetry. Essentially, if I recall correctly, both sides seemed to think that poetry as it “should be” is dead…they were merely debating over what killed it. Annoyed with how superfluous it was getting, I responded by scribbling this down on a an index card.



  1. *giggles*

    I suppose I don’t really write poetry then huh? I suppose I just write rhyming words on a piece of paper and CALL it a poem when its really not huh? rofl

    Nice one. 🙂

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