Posted by: Caitlynn | January 30, 2009

Greetings, take two

I have a huge To-Do list that I should be working on right now. Really, I should be quite busy. But instead, I’m sitting in front of my computer, writing a “proper” introductory post for the blog that I will most likely devote too much time to during a semester when time is of great value.


My name is Caitlynn, and I’m currently a junior in college. As stated in my previous post, my sister (see Tales from the Writing Front) is responsible for encouraging me to start a blog here.

I’m an English major, and I’ve been at it since the start of my sophomore year, which essentially means that I have lost a significant amount of the enjoyment that I originally found in literature. I will say, however, that I’ve at least gained a far greater interest in writing than I’ve ever had. So, you lose some, you gain some.

I’m mainly interested in writing fiction, though I’ve come to appreciate creative nonfiction, as well (I can also write one heck of an academic paper when I have a mind to). The main fiction genre I’m interested in is fantasy, though I dabble in many kinds…most recently was a short horror story, which turned out much better and much creepier than I had ever hoped it would. From time to time, I also engage in some self-mockery — mainly in regards to any silly romantic notions that pop into my head — through the form of poetry. It’s quite fun, and I may even post a poem from time to time if I find it particularly laughable.

Lastly (though, perhaps this should have come first) I am a Christian. Take that for what you will, though I’ll make no apologies for it. I’m also a proud American and a proud conservative, for what it’s worth. All of these traits are strong attributes of my personality, so they do come out from time to time in my writing, though not always explicitely (especially in the case of fantasy).

As for how active I’ll be with my blog, it’s hard to say. I have seven classes (17.5 credit hours) and three jobs this semester. So either I’ll have no time to breathe, much less blog, or I’ll be on here far too often for my own good as a means of stress relief. I suspect the latter, but we shall see.




    Nice first blog 😀

  2. Come summer time, you can devote more time to the blog and networking with other writers. I made mine back in July but really didn’t start actively searching until September.

    I have tons of links to other writing blogs and agent blogs too that you can peruse should you EVER get free time (if not, they will still be there come summer).

    • If today is any indication of how desperately I’ll want to “make” free time, then I’m sure I’ll get around to checking out those other blogs before very long.

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